A lightning node for

Sensei is a lightning node implementation focused on making Bitcoin accessible to the entire world.

/ sen·sei
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The problem:
Getting started with Bitcoin for the first time can be overwhelming.
With so many moving parts, the learning curve is steep for almost everyone. How can we best hide the details and provide a pleasant experience for new users?
The solution:
A lightning node packed with tools to help onboard new users to Bitcoin.
Make the future of money accessible to everyone on Earth. Help them get started and then set them free.
Onboard the entire world to Bitcoin
Sensei combines the utility of the bitcoin development kit with the flexibility and low resource requirements of the lightning development kit to produce a new lightning node implementation ready to take on the world.
Local Web Admin
An easy-to-use administration panel hosted alongside your node and accessible from any web browser.
Manage your node however you like with easy-to-use APIs. Visit the docs to learn how.
Enterprise Ready
Sensei isn't just for hobbyists. It prioritizes features that promote reliability and scalability.
Free & Open Source
Sensei is completely free to use and always will be. Anyone can contribute and review the code on Github.
Command Line Interface
If the web admin, http, and grpc apis are not enough then we also provide a tool to manage your node directly from the command line.
Lightweight Nodes
Sensei's modular design allows you to spin up thousands of lightweight nodes that can share common resources.