Accelerating the adoption of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the most important technology since the creation of the internet. We are focused on building software and services that enable as many people as possible to realize it's value.

A lightning node for

Sensei is a lightning node implementation focused on making Bitcoin accessible to the entire world.

We're Hiring:
Help accelerate the adoption of Bitcoin by creating software and services that empower people all over the world.
We're looking for people who are passionate about Bitcoin to join our team. If any of these roles match your skillset then please send an email to letting us know what role you're interested in and why you're a great fit.
Rust Engineer
You are proficient with Rust and familiar with the rust-bitcoin ecosystem. You are excited to work on the infrastructure that will accelerate the adoption of Bitcoin.
Web Developer
You are comfortable working with React, NodeJS, and frameworks like Next.js or Remix. You can work the full stack from tailwindcss to postgres.
React Native Developer
You have experience shipping production mobile applications using React Native on both iOS and Android. You're not scared to drop down to native code to solve platform specific issues.